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We campaign for a beautiful and living countryside. We work to protect, promote and enhance our towns and countryside to make them better places to live, work and enjoy, and to ensure the countryside is protected for now and future generations.

CPRE Wiltshire has published a promotional video and another video specifically on housing issues.

We want to see a protected countryside, but within the context of a healthier economy and a happier community, and we don’t think they are mutually exclusive. CPRE believes that people have the right to enjoy a protected countryside, and we have the ambition to make it happen.

We’re a national environmental charity, with over 200 local groups, a branch in every county and 55,000 members, and supporters – including more than 2,000 affiliated parish councils.  The Wiltshire Branch has 4 distinct groups and over 800 members and supporters - including more than 78 affiliated parish councils and other organisations.

The Wiltshire branch has four groups based on the county districts and Swindon Borough

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