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Wiltshire Best Kept Village Competition 2019

Wiltshire Best Kept Village Standard Wiltshire Best Kept Village Standard

Parish Councils have been alerted, by email, to the forthcoming 2019 CPRE Wiltshire and The Hills Group Best Kept Village Competition.  Entry invitations will be sent in February.  However any villager can submit the entry on behalf of, and with the agreement of, their parish council.  So if you are proud of your village why not ensure that it enters the Competition?


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As for many years now, the main Competition is being generously sponsored by The Hills Group and as last year Princeton Homes are sponsoring the Laurence Kitching "Winner of Winners" Award.  This year the "Best Newcomer" Award is being sponsored by Haine and Smith Opticians.

This annual competition is designed to foster pride in our beautiful Wiltshire countryside and its unique patchwork quilt of villages.  It does not seek to identify the prettiest villages but rather those that are best presented.

Judging takes place over two rounds and in three categories.  The District Round compares villages of similar size in each of the four former districts of Wiltshire (North, including Swindon Borough), Kennet, South and West and takes place from mid-May to mid-June.  The County Round compares the winners in each district against each other, again in size categories, and is judged in July.  The sizes are based upon populations: Large Villages are between 1001 and 3500, Medium Villages are between 300 and 1000; and Small Villages are under 300.

Thanks to the generosity of the sponsors the many available awards include:

  • Best kept large, medium and small villages£200 cash prize (plus CPRE standard, Hills plaque, Wiltshire Council plaque and CPRE certificate)
  • Runner up large, medium and small villages£100 cash prize (plus CPRE certificate)
  • Third place large, medium and small villages£60 cash prize (plus CPRE certificate)
  • Fourth place large, medium and small villages£30 cash prize (plus CPRE certificate)
  • Merit certificate£150 cash prize (plus CPRE certificate) awarded to a village showing consistent outstanding effort in their preparation
  • Best newcomer village: £150 cash prize (plus CPRE certificate) awarded to the best kept village that has not entered in the past 5 years
  • The Frank McKim Award£25 cash prize (plus CPRE certificate) awarded to the best kept medium village in Kennet district
  • The Laurence Kitching Award for the best kept village from the six winners in 2017 and 2018: £200 cash prize
  • The best kept large, medium and small villages in each District also receive CPRE certificates.

 The Presentation Day, when CPRE standards and prizes will be presented to the Best Kept Large, Medium and Small Villages in Wiltshire will take place on Sunday 15th September.


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