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Bottle Deposit Consultation

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There is a need for a bottle deposit system that
• includes all sizes of bottle, can and carton
• includes all materials, aluminium, plastic, glass, Tetrapak
• is accessible for all
• is paid for by the drinks manufacturers
• is UK wide
• is carbon neutral with no impact on climate change
• boosts the UK recycling sector with any new plant built on brownfields first
• works alongside other solutions to reduce waste and increase recycling.

The Government consultation on a bottle deposit system is open until 13 May. You can add your name to CPRE’s petition by going to the CPRE national website where you can also watch a video that explains the deposit return scheme. You can, if you prefer, write your own response by going to this website where the consultation will come up. There are two options for the scheme: a comprehensive one and a weaker one that would be cheaper for drinks producers but would see far fewer bottles recycled.  Don’t let the scheme be watered down by the drinks producers.

CPRE Wiltshire salutes the Wiltshire Litter Pickers, including the many voluntary groups, and thanks them for the great work they do.

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