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2 June 2017.   

Customers at Waitrose in Melksham were recently invited to support CPRE Wiltshire using the store's Community Matters "green disk" preference system. As a result Lucy Allsworth presented Mike Napper of CPRE Wiltshire with a cheque for £250.



19 May 2017.  

Which system is best for Local Government, Cabinet or government by Committees?  Which system ensures that all Councillors can be fully representative of those who elect them? 

14 February 2017.  

CPRE Wiltshire has a new Vice Chairman, Charmian Spickernell.

10 February 2017.  

How many people know about Devolution and Local Enterprise Partnerships or LEPs as they are called?

29 November 2016.  

CPRE Wiltshire has a new Chairman, Anne Henshaw.

25 October 2016.  

A short summary of what it means.

Central government is undertaking a fast moving Devolution of Powers agenda which will have very far reaching consequences.  

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