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CPRE Wiltshire requires a new Treasurer

Anne Henshaw Anne Henshaw

CPRE Wiltshire is searching for a new Honorary Treasurer to take over from Mike Napper who is approaching the end of his agreed tenure in this role. 


CPRE Wiltshire is both a registered Charity and a registered Limited Company. Whilst much of the work is undertaken by the four District Committees, all financial matters are handled at Branch Level by the Treasurer. The Treasurer is both a Trustee of the Charity and a Director of the Company.

The Treasurer’s Role can be summarised as:

a. Provision of financial advice to the Trustees
b. Setting an annual budget and monitoring progress against that budget
c. Managing the Charity’s cashflow
d. Maintaining management accounts in accordance with current best practice
e. Managing the current bank account with NatWest Bank
f. Managing the Investment account held by Rowan Dartington
g. Paying all incoming invoices
h. Arranging and accounting for all cash receipts
i. Preparing full accounts at the end of each financial year and having them checked by a competent External Examiner
j. Submitting the final accounts to: Charity Commission, Companies House, and National office.

The role is not arduous and requires perhaps one hour each week in making payments and ensuring reconciliation between the management accounts and the bank account balance. There is a Trustees meeting every two months that lasts about 2 hours. At year end preparing the final accounts will take perhaps 10 hours work at most.

The Treasurer does not need to be an accountant. He does need to be numerate and must have had previous experience in managing a small account including preparation of final accounts at year end. He or she should also be confident to use electronic banking and to deal with a wide range of matters by email.

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