Wiltshire Best Kept Village Competition 2021 – Judging has begun

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By Mike Manson

Judging has started for this year’s CPRE Wiltshire and The Hills Group Best Kept Village Competition.

General information about the Competition can be found here

The teams of first-round judges have all been briefed and have received the entry packs from the villages that they will visit on dates of their choice between 17 May and 13 June.  The impact of the Covid pandemic has slightly affected the number of entries this year, which totals 28 in the main Competition.

All judges said that they would be happy to receive entry packs by email and most entries were received this way from the villages.  Entries that were sent by post they have been scanned and emailed to judges.  Consequently, as hoped, hardly any paper has been used.

The winning villages in the first, district round will go forward to the second, county round where four villages in each of the three size categories will be judged against each other in July.  The three winners, by size, will then be presented with the CPRE BKVC standard, Wiltshire Council and The Hills Group plaques, and certificates.  This will take place in the villages concerned on Sunday 26th September and will be led by the Lord-Lieutenant of Wiltshire, Mrs Sarah Troughton who is President of CPRE Wiltshire.  They, and all other villages who qualified for the second round, will also receive cash prizes of up to £200.

This year five villages qualified for the Best Newcomer award.  The winner will receive a shield, a certificate and a cash prize of £150.  If they have also won their size category in the main Competition they could therefore receive £350 in total.

July will also see the judging of the “Winner of Winners” competition – the Laurence Kitching Award, named after a past Chairman of CPRE Wiltshire.  This will involve the three winners in both 2018 and 2019 (there was no competition in 2020 due to Covid) competing against each other.  The winner, which can truly call itself the Best Kept Village in Wiltshire (irrespective of size) will receive a CPRE standard, a Princeton Homes plaque, a certificate and a cash prize of £200.


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