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CPRE Wiltshire is delighted to announce British Soprano Carly Paoli as its countryside ambassador

Annabelle Sanderson
By Annabelle Sanderson
1st September 2021

Carly Paoli, the Classical Brit nominee, and BBC Music Ambassador has been announced as the new ‘Countryside Ambassador’ for CPRE Wiltshire.   The Wiltshire based songbird will work with the charity to help spread the word on the importance of protecting our countryside and environment.


The chart-topping singer, 32, who lives in Devizes, is passionate about protecting the environment and the importance of green spaces where wildlife can thrive and has used her popular social media accounts to demonstrate ways everyone can help our environment including promoting rewilding which provide habitats for birds, animals, and insects vital to our ecosystem.

Carly Paoli, who has performed alongside world-famous tenors Andrea Bocelli and Jose Carreras, recently took part in the Daily Mail’s Great British Spring Clean campaign which is organised by Keep Britain Tidy.    CPRE Wiltshire saw this and invited Carly to join forces with them in their ongoing work to keep the Wiltshire countryside as tidy as they would their own homes.

Chair of CPRE Wiltshire Anne Henshaw said “I am thrilled to have the support of Miss Paoli and hope it will encourage others to take joy in the beautiful county we live in and help to protect it for future generations.

“So many people realised the benefits of living in close proximity to outdoor spaces but our green fields, forests and areas, which are havens for wildlife from honeybees to tiger moths, cannot be taken for granted. We need to stay vigilant to ensure they do not become victims of bad planning decisions and urban sprawl. And it’s also about creating awareness of the small things we can all do on a day-to-day level, from picking up litter to limiting what we dispose of in landfill and encouraging rural businesses and buying local, seasonal products.

“Carly has worked throughout the pandemic broadcasting often through her social media channels both as a solo artist and collaborations with other artists from across the music world, providing pleasure through music when so much we take for granted has been unavailable.    I look forward to her wonderful enthusiasm and talent in encouraging all of us in Wiltshire to live in a beautiful, cleaner and more climate friendly world.”

Discussing her involvement with CPRE Wiltshire Carly Paoli commented “I have always been fortunate to live in or near the countryside. When I recently came to live in Wiltshire, the sheer beauty that surrounded me took my breath away. My Italian family and friends are always captivated by the beauty of the English countryside. I am so proud to be able to introduce them to that.  Throughout the past eighteen months the importance of the countryside has been vital. It has been a lifeline, a back garden, the lungs for people who needed its solace.

“It is up to each one of us to support organisations like CPRE. If we don’t take care, the countryside that we take for granted and the jobs and way of life it supports could disappear. That’s why I am so proud to have become an ambassador for my local area of Wiltshire. We can all help in so many ways – large or small – and I’m looking forward to becoming part of CPRE’s campaign to preserve the countryside that enriches all of our lives.”

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