Democracy and the Local Plan

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By Anne Henshaw
19th July 2020

Wiltshire Council have now delayed the timetable and the public consultation on the Roll Forward of the Local Plan until the third quarter of 2021.  Apparently this decision was taken in March but the Council website was not updated, nor was the information publicly circulated.

The knock on effect of the delay has already shown harm to Wiltshire’s communities whom the Council is meant to represent. Because the present Local Plan has been in place for more than five years and no review started, the 5 Year Housing Land Supply can no longer be divided between three sectors of the County but now applies to the whole County.  This has meant that developers can apply for land outside the Neighbourhood Boundaries of villages and towns where until now the obligations had been fulfilled.  This has happened in the case of Malmesbury and Lyneham and has not only caused outrage but also a complete lack of confidence in Government.

Moreover, this will give time for Wiltshire Council to bring forward their plans for a road to the east of Chippenham with the Council granting itself permission and the £75M Housing Infrastructure Fund grant secured ahead of the public consultation on the wider implications contained within a review of the Local Plan.

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