Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – our message to help protect our environment

By Annabelle Sanderson
19th July 2021

As Wiltshire’s recycling centres have once again reopened for residents to dispose of waste without needing to book an appointment, Anne Henshaw, the chair of CPRE Wiltshire told BBC Wiltshire that residents should try to limit the amount they are throwing away.

Our message is to ‘make what we have last longer and recycle it in more of a responsible way’, she said.

“It would be helpful if people could understand more easily what type of plastic you can recycle and where it should go. It’s all to do with getting across a clear message when they buy things so they know how they can dispose of it.

<strong>But the CPRE has an even stronger message than just to recycle – to reuse.</strong>

“An awful lot goes to the tip like bits of wood. In the past hardly anything was thrown away, they always found another use for it. Now I know that’s ambitious in the modern world but there is an enormous amount that you can actually reuse in your homes.

<blockquote>“Our motto is Reduce what you have, Reuse, if you can, and Recycle.”</blockquote>

“Even recycling should be the last part of the chain.”

But not everything can be used again or recycled, and the CPRE wants to make sure that people know exactly how they can dispose of their rubbish in a responsible way.

“There are other things that you can’t recycling and it should be made pretty easy to get those things to the tip or collected from the kerbside but they need to be the last part of the chain,” Anne added.

“The CPRE cares about the waste people use and how it is disposed of because reducing what you use leads to protecting everything on our planet and in our countryside.”

“If we cut down the amount of materials that we use, particularly the ones that have to go into landfill and a lot of that are certain types of plastic, unfortunately.

“A lot of materials we use in our houses take energy to make, energy requires power so we’ve got to start living better and less wasteful. We should really be thinking about how much we’re using because everything we use does come from some kind of natural resource.”

You can find out more about the CPRE’s work in Wiltshire and get involved by becoming a member – for just £36 a year.

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