Review of the Wiltshire Local Plan

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By Anne Henshaw
5th January 2021

Wiltshire Council are starting the first stage of the process of reviewing the Wiltshire Core Strategy (Local Plan) on 12 January 2012.  The consultation period runs from 12 January to 9 March.

The background to this Review can be read on the Council’s website.

Read here for further background on the consultation and to subscribe to updates.

This stage is termed an informal consultation and Wiltshire Council state:

“By undertaking consultation prior to any actual allocations being made in a draft Local Plan, people will have the opportunity to put forward their views and inform the Council’s thinking in early 2021. These views will then inform the details of the draft Plan. The report presents the proposed content for an extensive consultation on the direction of the Wiltshire Local Plan Review.

This includes possible growth options for each of the County’s main settlements. We are keen to receive feedback during the consultation on these possible options, before they are considered at the next stage of the Local Plan later in 2021.”

The principle areas of concern at this stage are:

  1. The housing numbers and methodology used to arrive at them
  2. Employment land requirement and methodology used to arrive at the figures
  3. Transport and how this interlinks with the previous two.

To read what is proposed for each settlement follow this link and read the appendices relevant to each area and the emerging spatial strategy.  Then submit your comments.


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