Salisbury and Marlborough Waitrose contribute to our hedgerows campaign

By Annabelle Sanderson
26th October 2021

CPRE Wiltshire are delighted to have received a total of £1300 from two Waitrose stores in the county!

Waitrose Salisbury have kindly donated £1000 and the branch in Marlborough have given £300 – in aid of our campaign to revitalise the local ecosystem and economy by planting hedgerows.

The cheque from Salisbury was collected by our treasurer Andrew Longland, pictured with Welcome Desk Partner Helen Rattue, who thanked the team at the store for their kind donation.
‘It was a wonderful surprise to receive £1000 from Waitrose in Salisbury towards our work here in Wiltshire,’ he said.
‘We applied for the ‘community matters’ funding to help with our hedgerows campaign, which included leaflets to help spread the word on the importance of these natural byways for wildlife. We’ve been handing them out and talking to people at lots of events around the county and young and old alike are keen to get involved!
‘Thank you Waitrose for your donation to our work: you’re helping us with vital conservation and education which can not only contribute to our local ecosystems but can be a benefit to the rural economy as well’
Helen Saunders from Waitrose in Salisbury said:
‘Through Waitrose ‘Give a Little Love’ campaign we support local environmental programmes that are working to tackle the environmental issues at the very heart of our communities. CPRE Wiltshire the Countryside Charity are passionate and care about our environment and set out to make a positive impact in our local communities.  We will not only raise awareness but collectively deliver real change.’

England’s hedgerows and verges offer a valuable habitat for wildlife, amongst many other benefits, and we’re working to protect them and create more.

Hedgerows are the vital stitching in the patchwork of our countryside. Not only are they and verges beautiful, with shifting seasonal colours, but they also benefit wildlife and the wider environment. They store carbon and help slow climate change.

We think they need protecting, and support the Climate Change Committee’s call for a 40% increase in the extent of hedgerows by 2050 to help address the climate emergency.

Sign our petition to get the government to champion hedgerows

It is particularly nice to receive the donation from a company which has a strong track record in its behaviour towards the countryside and communities, which can be seen in its extensive organic range which is popular with our membership.
But they also champion local producers which is something the CPRE are passionate about. Buying food produced by local farmers and suppliers people can help cut their carbon footprint and get the country towards a net zero future by reducing the distance the food itself has to travel.

We have lots of wonderful local produce here in Wiltshire and it a pleasure to know that large corporations take a local view when it comes to filling their shelves because by cutting down on transportation, air miles and packaging we can all make a difference.

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