The Government’s Planning white paper

8th September 2020

The Government’s Planning White Paper will significantly reduce our ability to object to developments that are unsuitable.

Read here to see the impact of major changes that are being proposed by the Government in their Planning White Paper.  This are open for consultation but we don’t have long to submit our objections.

Click here to view a short video that explains in simple terms what is being proposed and the consequent problems for planning your democratic rights.  Note that this was produced by CPRE West Yorkshire.  If you would like to contact CPRE about this, please contact CPRE Wiltshire and not West Yorkshire.

Please act now by responding to the consultation and lobbying your MP.

This link takes you to the Government’s White Paper.  See Page 4 which tells you how you can respond and is repeated here:

You may respond by going to the Government website

Alternatively you can email your response to the questions in the consultation to

If you are responding in writing, please make it clear which questions you are responding to.

Written responses should be sent to:

Planning for the Future Consultation,
Planning Directorate, 3rd Floor, Fry Building, 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF

When you reply it would be very useful if you confirm whether you are replying as an individual or submitting an official response on behalf of an organisation and include:
– your name,
– your position (if applicable), and
– the name of organisation (if applicable).


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