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The Local Plan and Gypsy and Travellers Plan consultations have started

Anne Henshaw
By Anne Henshaw
15th January 2021

The consultation on the Wiltshire Local Plan review started on 13th January, so you can now have your say on where future development – including housing, infrastructure and land for employment – may be built in your area in the next 15 years.

The consultation will also look to develop Wiltshire Council’s planning policies to help tackle climate change.

Wiltshire Council has to allocate sufficient land to satisfy the county’s housing and employment needs up to 2036, and in this consultation, you will be able to give your feedback on whether the suggested distribution of housing numbers across the county is correct, and which of the proposed development sites are most suitable.

Don’t forget, you can still also sign up for one of the Council’s online engagement sessions to find out more about the potential sites in your area. There are 17 events; 15 that each relate to a particular settlement, and two events for rural areas, which include all other Wiltshire villages and settlements not covered in the other 15 events.

To find out more about the Local Plan review, view documents, have your say, and sign up for one of the online engagement sessions, go to

In addition, Wiltshire Council are also consulting on the proposed scope and content of the Gypsies and Travellers Plan, which will look to allocate land for travellers in sustainable locations to meet their permanent and temporary accommodation needs up until 2036. To find out more about the Gypsies and Travellers Plan, go to

Both consultations end on Tuesday 9 March 2021.

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