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Westbury Incinerator: Increase recycling facilities say CPRE

By Annabelle Sanderson
5th July 2021

Increase recycling facilities instead of building incinerator says Wiltshire’s countryside campaigners.

Commenting on the decision to approve an incinerator in Westbury, Anne Henshaw, Chair of CPRE Wiltshire, said “I am disappointed that the concerns and arguments put forward by all the objectors have been ignored. The time has come to increase recycling in Wiltshire, not facilities for generating carbon emissions.”

“The people of Westbury and the surrounding area now have to deal with the consequences of a carbon generating incinerator on their doorstep,” she added.

“We have to have ways of dealing with refuse but I believe a better way would be to improve and increase kerb-side recycling particularly given the council’s own notice to residents that the amount being recycled during the last year has increased by around a fifth.

“The UK is hosting the 26th UN Climate Change Conference this year: Wiltshire should send a message to participants that we want to make real changes in how we treat our environment: Dealing with waste means Reduce and Recycle.”

“We need to increase recycling capacity and encourage people to widen their climate friendly behaviours, rather than generating waste which will be burned and contribute towards the climate crisis we are facing.”

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