Listen back to the CPRE Wiltshire webinar on neighbourhood planning

By Annabelle Sanderson
25th November 2021

If you missed the neighbourhood planning webinar from earlier this month you can listen to it here:



This webinar was organised by CPRE Wiltshire and Wiltshire Community Land Trust to take stock of progress on NPs in Wiltshire, assess the key problems and opportunities facing their implementation, and explore ways forward.

It included two key presentations from very experienced practitioners in this field, Anna Cronin of Mole Ember and Jeff Bishop of Place Studio, who set out the origins and evolution of NPs, and the complex legal and technical processes involved in their production.

About 50 parish councils have done neighbourhood plans. Seend, Broad Chalke and Malmesbury took part to give us an account of their experience. Find out how they were undertaken and the lessons we can learn.

The webinar included a summary from Hugh Ellis of the Town and Country Planning Association to discuss actions at national policy level.

If you would like any more information or would like to become more active in this area you can sign up to CPRE Wiltshire and help us shape our county for a sustainable future.

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