Garden Villages and Garden Towns: Visions and Reality

New settlements, New lifestyles and New thinking

Urban sprawl, a particular form of urban development is a driver of several major challenges facing growth of towns and cities.

These include greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, road congestion and imbalance of housing types.  The sprawl is a complex

phenomenon and its different dimension reflect how population density is distributed across urban spaces and how creation

of clusters of new housing has fragmented the urban lands.

Major efforts are required to reform land-use policies which create urban sprawl.  Policies should reconsider density restrictions, revisit the designs of urban containment policies

and develop new market based instruments to prioritise densification when it is needed.


Where do Garden Villages stand in all this?   In our crowded island some of them would be no more than urban sprawl slightly distanced from existing urban development.


Build Better Towns and Cities for Better Lives in the future.  Work in a more revolutionary manner with what we already have.


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