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What we do

We are CPRE, the countryside charity. We want a thriving, beautiful countryside for everyone.  We’re a national environmental charity, with over 200 local groups, a branch in every county and 55,000 members, and supporters – including more than 2,000 affiliated parish councils.  The Wiltshire Branch has 4 distinct groups and over 800 members and supporters – including more than 78 affiliated parish councils and other organisations.


We’ve worked for almost a century to support and promote the countryside, and we’ll be doing this for generations to come. That’s why we call ourselves ‘the countryside charity’.

We’re working for a countryside that’s rich in nature, accessible to everyone and playing a crucial role in responding to the climate emergency.  We’re advocating for the kind of Wiltshire countryside we all aspire to: one with sustainable, healthy communities and available to more people than ever, including those who haven’t benefited before. We stand for a countryside that enriches all of our lives, nourishing our wellbeing, and that we in turn nourish, protect and celebrate.

Our local knowledge and national profile means CPRE is effective in tackling both the specific issues that really matter to our members and the public, as well as the wider challenges the countryside faces.  We lobby both local and national government.

Our Vision – the positive outcomes we want to achieve in the next 15 years (click on each image to read more):

Above all, we will change attitudes – beauty, tranquillity, green spaces and local distinctiveness will be valued by all, creating deeper attachments to local landscapes and making quality of life and well-being as important as financial prosperity and economic growth.

We hope you will be encouraged to see that, nationally and locally, CPRE are already working towards achieving our Vision and actively persuading others to join the movement. Please join us in standing up for your countryside or Contact us.