Wiltshire Groups

The Wiltshire Branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England has a central office in Devizes and is split into the four geographical groups listed below. Each group deals with district and parish issues and then comes together collectively to address county issues.

Sarah Rose Troughton – Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire and President

Mrs Troughton is Her Majesty The Queen’s representative in Wiltshire and took up the post of HM Lord-Lieutenant in February 2012. She lives near Swindon with her husband Peter and they have three children and nine grandchildren. She has held several voluntary positions both within and outside Wiltshire for a number of years and was particularly involved with the Community Foundation for Wiltshire and Swindon and Youth Action Wiltshire. She maintains a keen interest in all aspects of life within Wiltshire as a whole, including council services, commerce and industry, the Armed Forces, along with many voluntary, community and charity groups and organisations.

Anne Henshaw – Chairman

Anne has lived in Wiltshire and been a member of CPRE since 1980.  Born and bred a country girl on the Welsh Borders she joined CPRE because of her concerns over loss of hedgerows, public rights of way and traditional agriculture with the creeping industrialisation of our fields through the agribusiness.  These grew over the years to wider concerns about the villages and their communities, the spread of urbanity, the loss of greenfields and the growth of tarmac as the answer to economic problems.

Engaged with several community groups in the Calne area where she lives, these include Calne Area Transport who have created a Transport Strategy for the area, Calne Our Place who have created a strong tourism profile through VisitWiltshire and the Combined Parishes Rights of Way Group based on the Cotswold Wardens scheme

Any spare time is spent in her large garden which was created from an arable field on the top of a very windy hill thirty years ago.

Charmian Spickernell – Vice Chairman

Charmian has lived in Wiltshire since 1970.  She joined CPRE in 1981 when there were inner city riots because developments had occurred on the outskirts of towns and cities, leaving the centres dead.  From being the fastest growing town in Europe, Swindon’s economy collapsed when the centre declined.  She is particularly keen on CPRE’s campaigning for sound planning to address social, environmental and economic issues equally.   She is also concerned about the weakening of local democracy: at times the developers are an all too powerful lobby and we need the help of more people, parish councils and other NGOs to ensure the voice for environmental and social issues is heard.  We are still some way off from government and the people deciding what and where development should take place before inviting the developers to bid for it.

Geraldine White – Administrator

Geraldine was born and educated in London, where her father was the Deputy Chief Officer of the London Fire Brigade.  After her parents retired to Wiltshire in the late-70’s she moved to join them.

She started work for the Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service as a Control Room Operator and quickly worked her way up through the ranks to become a Senior Control Room Operator.  In 1996 she joined DOPRA in Chippenham as a Tester on Fire Brigade products.  Eventually she became a Principal Bid Manager, initially in the Public Safety arena and then ICT Managed Services, looking after public sector tenders worth many millions of pounds. The role included a lot of travel and long days.

Geraldine elected to take redundancy in early 2016 when she joined CPRE Wiltshire where she is in charge of all branch administration.  She and her husband David live in Rowde and have four daughters and four granddaughters, who they dote on.  Besides her family, her interests include the countryside, walking, yoga, reading, travelling and gardening.

Mike Manson – Project Officer

Mike was a career soldier in the Royal Artillery, retiring as a Colonel in 2008 having been based in England and Germany.  He went on operations in Northern Ireland and on exercise in many countries.  He spent his final nine years as a programme manager for Army management information and Defence Medical information. From 2009 he was a management consultant until joining CPRE Wiltshire in 2015.  He has lived in Wiltshire since 1993, firstly in Shrivenham, then in Wilton and now in Bratton (near Westbury) since 1999.

He works part-time and his main tasks with CPRE Wiltshire are to run the Best Kept Village Competition, to manage the website and to manage membership.  When not doing this he is a volunteer worker for many aspects of his village and he also rows stroke for a veterans VIII at Bradford-on-Avon Rowing Club.


(post vacant and being advertised)

North Wiltshire and Swindon Group

Chairman – Mrs. Anne Henshaw
Tel: 01249 816182
Email: annehenshaw@freeuk.com

Hon. Secretary – Post vacant – volunteers wanted

Kennet Group

Acting Chairman – Kate Fielden

Secretary – Sue Hine

Email: kennetcpre@googlemail.com

South Wiltshire Group

Chairman – Dr Suzanne Keene

Email: mail@suzannekeene.com

West Wiltshire Group

Chairman – John Eaton
Email: john.eatonpdq@gmail.com

Hon Membership Secretary – Ken McCall
Tel: 01225 761092
Email: sandraandken@hotmail.co.uk

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