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Best Kept Village Competition 2024

Mike Manson
By cpremike & Mike Manson
21st February 2024

The Wiltshire Best Kept Village Competition 2024 is starting.

All parish clerks have been sent entry invitations complete with guidelines for the forthcoming Best Kept Village Competition.  You might like to check with your parish council if your village intends to enter.  Many do so every year but far more do not, often to the disappointment of many of their villagers.  It is easy to submit the entry form, with a simple map and a short village report.  Preparing for judging can also be easy, especially if many villagers just do a small amount, and this can be made into an enjoyable community event – or series of events.

More information about the Competition in general and about 2023’s Competition can be found in the articles on our Awards page.

Why not give it a go if your village hasn’t entered recently?

Carly Paoli presenting an oak tree to Rushall
Carly Paoli presenting an oak tree to Rushall, this year's "Winner of Winners".