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Swindon Travel Plans

Swindon Travel Plans Supplementary Planning Document.

Swindon Borough Council proposes to update its travel plans guidance for developers and has been seeking feedback during the six-week consultation period.

The aim of the draft document is to provide consistency across future developments in Swindon and will strengthen powers to ensure that travel plans get implemented robustly over the long term. This will in turn benefit the local residents and businesses by reducing congestion, fewer parking problems, and encouraging the use of sustainable modes of transport.

They offer two options.

Option 1 is that Swindon Borough Council takes responsibility for managing and implementing the travel plan on behalf of the developer in return for a set contribution.

Option 2. The owner/developer retains responsibility for managing and implementing the travel plan and also pays a bond/monitoring fee.

Implementation of Travel Plans has a history of weaknesses. Perhaps this update will help deliver them.

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