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Highways Planning

M6 Motorway

Major road infrastructure funding is secured for local authorities by central government bidding mechanisms.  It is separate from the funding given to councils for road repair and maintenance.

In order to boost economic growth, funding is given to major road schemes which can cross several counties and local authority areas.

However, previous schemes have shown that harm to the wider environment through which these roads will cut, is not sufficiently taken into account when local authorities draw up their Local Plans.  It is these which show where the major road networks lie and should contain route master-planning policies .

Master plans should be drawn up when it comes to big road issues rather than

bite sized sections being improved with no overall strategy. Indeed the sections invariably unlock further development and more clogging up of the main road.

For example, are alternative rail routes explored; what is the harm to biodiversity; have the combined needs to mitigate climate change and encourage more working from home with new technology been considered; is the main problem freight transport?   Given that electric cars and hydrogen lorries will cause less noise and pollution, are the main problems now how best to share out all the conflicting uses for land?

Local roads are viewed differently.  These are important for local businesses and communities along them through which they pass.   Any developments along them are subject to highway planning where connectivity and environmental issues are taken into account.

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