All Change in the Planning System

Recent weeks have seen a flurry of announcements, reports, letters and comments on what should be done about stimulating the economy, creating jobs and building houses. And how the planning system is an obstacle and must be reformed.

On the one hand we read that Boris Johnson and big business wants Build, Build , Build,  Roads, Roads, Roads,  but other, more cautious, professionals and commentators are demonstrating that this approach is broad brush, and the devil being in the detail, is in reality much harder to deliver without ignoring the public voice.

CPRE have long been lobbying for changes in the planning system, particularly the NPPF and NPPG in those sections which give no clarity of meaning and undermine community views.

The Covid-19 induced economic panic has at least brought forward more public discussion on issues which CPRE has concern.  Such as:

i.  Under-funded council planning departments.

ii. The uplift in land value when permissions are granted.

iii. Do communities sufficiently benefit from the huge profits generated?

iv. Are environmental issues properly considered when strategic plans for infrastructure are put forward?  Roads in particular.

v.  Will the reviews of Local Plans fully embrace the issues raised by Climate Change, and the likely post-Covid changing office/work patterns?

For more reading from different approaches and views on this subject see:

A report, Rethinking the Planning System for the 21st Century can be downloaded from our website Resource section.

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