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Rooftop solar panels – please sign CPRE’s petition

Mike Manson
By Mike Manson
25th May 2023

CPRE has just published groundbreaking new research into the true potential for generating the electricity we need from rooftop solar.

Our report shows the opportunities are huge. Putting solar panels on new buildings and over car parks alone could generate nearly the same amount of clean electricity as 10 new nuclear power stations.

If we make use of low-cost opportunities for solar panels on the rooftops of large buildings like warehouses, the evidence shows that 60% of the solar panels our country needs can be sited on rooftops. 

But if we don’t make use of our rooftops, solar panels could swallow up 180,000 hectares of our countryside – an area larger than the size of Greater London!

That’s why we are calling on the government to commit to a new and ambitious target for generating clean and affordable electricity from rooftops across the country. Will you sign our petition?

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For more information, visit the CPRE’s Rooftop Solar page on their national website

Solar panels on a house